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There are many benefits to purchasing a new build with CPG. Your new home will be warm, dry, energy efficient and modern, and is also a very good investment. When you sign the Conditional Agreement, you lock in your purchase price at the current market value. That means that even if your home’s value increases over the course of the build, the price stays the same, so you’ll have already made capital gains on your property before you’ve even moved in.

New builds also require only a 10% deposit, and we don’t require any additional payments until the build is complete. This gives you more time to put extra funds aside if you need to.

Find your investment property with CPG

CPG’s properties are an excellent choice for investment, whether you’re a first-time investor or looking to add to your existing portfolio. Investing in one of our diverse properties is a great step on your path to financial success.

Financial advantages to investing in a new build include tax deductible interest and a shorter bright-line window. According to the bright-line rule, taxes are payable on gains made from properties sold within ten years of buying – but for new builds this window is only five years.

What happens next?

Once you’re on board, we’ll keep you in the loop on how your home is coming along. We’ll give you regular construction updates so you know exactly where things are at.

CPG Group is a small company, and we like to keep a personal touch. If you’ve got any questions about your property, Contact us any time.


Benefits of a new build

Low maintenance

New builds made with new materials to meet modern Building Codes require much less maintenance than older properties – saving time and money. You can also expect your home to last longer.

Up to Healthy Homes Standards

New houses are built to meet the Healthy Homes Standards requirements for insulation, heating, ventilation, drainage and draught stopping, so you won’t have to spend more money trying to meet these standards retrospectively.

Insurance discounts

You’ll often find that insurance premiums are lower on a new build, because the insurance companies have the confidence of knowing the house was constructed to the most up-to-date building regulations.

Interest write-off

Owners of new builds can write off interest costs against income made from investment properties, under the new interest deductibility policy that came into effect in October 2021. This is not the case for older properties.

Lower deposit

If you’re investing in a new build, you are exempt from current LVR (Loan to Value Restrictions), meaning you do not need to have the minimum 40% deposit required by these restrictions.

10-year warranty

The implied warranties set out in the Building Act protect owners of new builds, ensuring that your property was built to a high standard, as per the plans. These warranties last for 10 years, giving you peace of mind for your new investment.

Good rental appeal

New builds are in high demand among renters, being warmer, dryer and needing less maintenance. Investing in a new build means you’re likely to attract reliable, long-term tenants.

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